About us

The Kraków based company Inpol-Krak is a family company, which has been on the market since 1994. It deals in distribution of highly processed films, steel products and recently also in processing of such products. The company has a robust network of retail points (Kraków, Murowana Goślina, Gdańsk, Tarnowskie Góry, Radom, Wrocław) and enclosed warehouses (Kraków, Murowana Goślina, Tarnowskie Góry, Kluczbork). The company focuses on professional and comprehensive customer service. It provides high quality materials, as well as competent technical consulting and comprehensive customer service.

Rury precyzyjne bez szwu

Circular structural sections

Our circular structural sections are medo of high quality alloys; they don’t deform and can be used in various branches of industry. This product has high mechanical resistance


Square structural sections

Square structural sections are used in the construction of frame structures of buildings, bridges, railings, pylons and masts. We offer a high quality, non-deforming product.


Rectangular structural sections

Rectangular structural sections are widely used in construction. They are used for constructing bridges, buildings, any many other structures. We offer precision and high quality of product.

Rury ocynkowane

Galvanized circular structural sections

Galvanized circular structural sections are covered with a layer of durable zinc. This technology guarantees high resistance to deformations and temperature variations.


Galvanized square structural sections

Galvanized square structural sections are used primarily in construction. Their tin coating makes them exceptionally durable and readily used for creating frame structures in buildings.

Galvanized rectangular hollow sections

Galvanized rectangular hollow sections are characterised by high quality and huge resistance to changing atmospheric conditions. Due to its tin layering this product is often used for welding.

Elliptic hollow sections

Elliptic hollow sections of our make have a very high quality. We make sure that our products are durable, non-deforming and able to withstand the effects of changing temperatures