Line pipes and hot-formed hollow sections

EN 10217 line pipes

EN 10217 line pipes are welded or fusion welded, they have either spiral or longitudinal welds. Such pipes have very many applications, and due to the durability of their material, they are highly resistant to deformation.


EN 10210 Hot formed circular sections

Hot formed circular sections are made of high quality steel resistant to damage and mechanical deformation. Due to its parameters they are readily used in construction.


EN 10210 Hot-formed square sections

Professional hot-formed square sections are meant for a wide array of applications in construction. Due to their high quality and use of metal with high damage resistance they are valued by our customers


EN 10210 Hot formed rectangular sections

High quality hot-formed rectangular sections have a wide array of applications in constrictions. Due to their high quality materials we are certain, that they will meet even the most challenging demands.