Precision tubes, welded and non-welded

Rury ze szwem kalibrowane na zimno

Precision tubes, welded and non-welded

Cold calibrated welded tubes are characterized by high precision and guaranteed technological and mechanical properties. They find applications in automobile and machine industry.


Cold-drawn precision pipes

Drawn precision tubes are characterized by excellent quality and exceptional quality of their surface material. Huge variation of sizes allows these tubes to find many different applications in various branches of industry.

Rury precyzyjne bez szwu

Non-welded precision tubes

Non welded precision tubes have high quality, exceptional resistance to deformation, and many various applications. Large selection of sizes allows the product to be tailored to individual needs of the customer.

Rury ocynkowane

Galvanized tubes

Galvanized precision pipes are covered in a layer of zinc, which increases the durability of the product. This technology makes the product more resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Galvanized pipes are also highly resistant to deformation.

Rury aluminiowane

Aluminized tubes

Aluminized precision tubes are very sturdy and highly resistant to various atmospheric conditions. They are made of high class aluminum steel. Their dense structure provides additional resilience. Product manufactured on assembly line.