Cookie policy


The website ikfilm.pl under the address http://www.ikfilm.pl/, hereinafter refered to as Website uses „cookies” in order to ensure the safety of its Users and enable them to use the Website efficiently. The User browsing the Website agrees to the use of „cookies” by the Website. What are „cookies”? „Cookies” are data files, specifically text files, that are stored on the terminal device of the User of the Website, and are intended for using the Website. Cookies usually contain the name of their website of origin, their time of storage on the terminal device, and a unique number. What kinds of „cookies” are used by the Website. The Website uses two kinds of „cookies”. Session files, or temporary files, which are stored on the terminal device of the User until he logs out, leaves the Website or closes the web browser. Temporary files are necessary for the correct functioning of the Website. They allow for a safe login on the website and placing orders. Without those files safe transactions would be impossible. „Permanent” files , that are stored on the terminal device of the User for a time specified in the parameters of the „cookie” or until their removal by the User. The Website uses:
  • „functional” files, that serve for storing informations such as login or password, which makes it faster and easier to use the Website,
  • „statistical” files, which allow the Website to be optimized in accordance with User preferences,,
  • „advertising” files, which allow the Users to receive advertisements tailored to their individual interests and preferences,
  • „social media” files, which allow for integration of the Website with social media websites used by the User.


Blocking „cookies”
In many cases the software for browsing websites (internet browser) by default allows storing cookies on the terminal device of the User. The Users may at any time change their cookie settings. Such settings may spefically be changed in such a way, that will block default automatic usage of cookies, in the settings of the internet browser, or infrom the User about every instance of planting cookies in the device of the User of the Website. Detailed information about methods and possibilities of managing cookies are available in the settings of the software (internet browser). Lack of such a blockade means that the User agrees to saving cookies. Limiting the use of cookies by the User may affect some of the functionalities of the Website.